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Posted Dec 17 2013 9:27pm
 My little sleepyheads

I've been having a lot of fun playing with my bounce flash and learning the best ways of aiming it to create the least amount of shadows. This was without a diffuser and has crazy shadows. I highly recommend using a diffuser with the flash because it makes a huge difference.

I can't get enough of this camera. It's a monster and I love what it can do.

Also, here's what my hair looks like curly and pinned back. It's about two inches shorter than I wanted and I'm slightly disappointed that my hairdresser went shorter than I asked her to, but it feels a lot healthier and my hair grows fast, so I'm hoping in a few weeks it'll look the way I originally wanted it to.

I like to sniff Harrison's chubby little feet after I pull his socks off. There's something about stinky baby feet that I absolutely love.

Ry has been itching to take the kids sledding ever since our first big snowfall of the season. And I've been anxious to actually use my monopod with my camera, which has a gorgeous new battery grip that I am loooooving.

They had sooo much fun and Ry has already promised to take them often this winter.  

"Here mama, you eat the snow!"

Chippy surprised the kids by hiding on the mantle when we got home.

I am really happy we started this tradition with the kids because they love it and really believe in it.
This picture about sums up what life is like with this little dude. He isn't happy unless mama is near by. And I can't say I mind it one bit :)
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