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Slack Slack Slack!

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:38pm
Ok, so I am slacking big time today.
I didn't work on part two of Chapter Two, of Born in the USA. I had a super long day, including a 45 minute ride to a semi local store for our "monthly" meat supply. 8 pounds of boneless chicken breast, 8 pounds of ground beef, and 3 pounds of boneless pork chops, a little under $50. Which is why we wake the time to drive all the way up there.
The kids were good, for the most part. There is this fake cow at the market we go to, and my toddler is scared to death of it. Even after seeing it more than a dozen times since the start of the year, he just can't get over it. It actually makes me a little sad because the majority of kids are all excited to see it or make it MOOO.
Oh well, maybe another couple years?

So, tomorrow, I will try to work on the rest of the chapter review. I have to bring one of our dogs to the vet for his annual check up before he goes in for the big snip snippity snip snip on Monday.

But I will try an work on it.

So on the subject of blogging. I got my husband into the blogging illness. LMAO! I made it for him and he is writing and starting to get the hang of it. I have to encourage him to write though. Haha.
If you are into sports at all check out The ABC's of Sports by my super awesome husband.
If you have any sports friends or blogging husbands, I would really appreciate any linking to his blog. The more hits he gets, the more excited he will get and actually want to continue.

Good ol' blogging family.

On another side note, Cesarean Epidemic posted an amazing journey of a mother. I cried hysterically while reading it. So you may want to check it out.
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