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Skincare in Pregnancy

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:02pm

Mums-to-be need to take good care of their skin throughout pregnancy as skin cell reproduction is accelerated making it important to keep it moisturised and nourished.

Huge changes are brought on due to pregnancy hormones so therefore to keep a pregnant body in tip top condition some changes or adjustments may be needed.

Some simple tips for pregnant skincare

  • It’s really important to take a look at all your normal products just to check that they are suitable for use during pregnancy. Many vitamins and creams will state that you must check with your G.P if you are pregnant or lactating before use. If you are concerned switch to products which clearly state they are suitable for use throughout pregnancy
  • Try to use moisturising body creams, washes and a good moisturiser. This will keep your skin supple and will help in the areas where the skin could get stretch marks.
  • Although a long soak in the bath may relieve aches and give you time to relax, avoid having the water too hot and don’t spend too long in there, as the water will dehydrate the skin.
  • Always use a rich nourishing moisturiser to smother over your skin once you have had your daily shower or bath. Make it part of your daily routine and pay extra attention to your bump. There are lots of organic and homeopathic oils and creams designed especially for pregnancy which may be worth trying out. Although a simple non perfumed moisturiser massaged onto your tummy in large circular motions in a clockwise direction will not only moisturise but to help avoid or aid pregnant constipation.
  • Never use soap to wash with as this will strip your body of it’s natural oils, use a moisturising body wash in it’s place.

Skin can alter greatly throughout your pregnancy so it’s important to find a skincare routine that’s right for you. Pick up lots of testers and try them out until you find what suits you and your pregnant skin.

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