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Skin Care That's Good for Your Skin

Posted Feb 03 2009 10:52pm

My family has a history of sensitive skin. My sister has coped with severely dry, scaly hands for years because the skin on her hands reacts to many of the harsh ingredients in cleansers, lotions and cleaning products. Other members of my family are sensitive to products they use on their face or even brush their teeth with! Until the past few months, I thought I had escaped this family curse, but then I started getting a mysterious rash. It started on my stomach and soon spread. I went to the doctor and she said I was most likely reacting to an ingredient in something that had made contact with my skin. Considering my family’s history, I knew it was time to start looking for skin products made with purer and natural ingredients.

As if on cue, I received a note from Heather at Rochelle Rose. She told me that she had suffered from dry, sensitive and itchy skin for years, which doctors had been unable to heal with medications. In desperation, she began researching many of the ingredients that are in commercial soaps and body care products. She found out that these products are actually synthetic detergent cleansers that usually contain petrochemicals, alcohol, preservatives and animal fats, which can strip the skin of moisture and cause irritation. These aggressive cleaners are better suited for household cleaning rather than for our skin! Therefore, she started making her own skincare products out of ingredients that are mild and nourishing to the skin.

Heather shared some wonderful testimonials from people who have tried her products and found relief for their skin problems, but I insisted on trying her products myself. She sent me her Oatmeal Honey Soap, Honey Ale Soap (made with beer…men love it!), Aloe and Avocado Soap, Pure Olive & Shea Soap (the first soap Heather ever made), Almond Coconut Milk Hand & Body Lotion, and Lavender Chamomile Bath Tea. As soon as the package arrived, I knew my Rochelle Rose products were in it. They smelled heavenly! I figured that something without artificial fragrances would have no scent, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I told Heather I would use the products for at least two weeks to see if I noticed a difference in my skin. Well, within the first week, the ongoing rash went away, and it hasn’t returned! So far, I’ve used the Oatmeal Honey Soap and the Honey Ale Soap for myself. My husband’s been using the Pure Olive & Shea Soap, with wonderful results. And my teenagers have been using the Aloe and Avocado Soap! Now, I can’t wait to try some of the other wonderful options, like the Rosemary Mint and the Cinnamon Vanilla Soap!

I’d love for you to try Heather’s other wonderful, natural products. In addition to soaps, she has lotions, bath products, perfumes, gift sets and more. Visit to see her product line. Even better, readers of this blog can receive 10% off during the month of February 2009 by entering the code SHOP09 in their shopping cart! I’m going to use this code for myself, and I strongly encourage you to do so, as well. Using Rochelle Rose soaps and lotions is a great way to start providing more natural and healthy products for your family.

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