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Six Super Ways To Help You Slim Down

Posted Mar 09 2012 4:25am

Although losing weight is seen as something to do after the Christmas and New Year’s binge, people often find that they need to drop a few pounds at just about any time of the year. While gazing down mournfully at a flabby stomach, people often say that they’ll do it, but chicken out at the last minute. However, with aids such as protein bars and healthy eating, it can be done. Here are six great ideas to help you become slimmer, some of which may surprise you:

  1. Having a protein bar in place of a more calorific dessert could help. Available from retailers such as Predator Nutrition , they’re low in fat and sugar, and contain a high level of protein. As well as helping with weight loss, along with exercise, they could aid the building of lean muscle.
  2. Some sports supplements could also help with weight loss. The use of legal, natural supplements like creatine supplements can, alongside a healthy diet, increase your chances of getting slimmer. Using them as meal replacements or snacks could help to cut a lot of fat, sugar and other junk out of your diet. If you decide to use sports supplements as part of your weight loss program, it’s important to read the label before taking them to check that all the ingredients are natural, especially when stories such as a lawsuit claims that some sports supplement have dangerous ingredients .
  3. Include plenty of fruit in your diet. To beat any craving you have for sugary foods, an apple, banana or orange should help to beat it. It might be worth mixing several vegetables with honey to make a tasty fruit salad.
  4. Eat your greens. Spinach, broccoli and other leafy greens can, if cooked correctly, be very tasty. Braising them in a pan brings out their natural flavour, which is much nicer than the bitter taste that comes with boiling.
  5. Most cuts of meat, although high in protein, are also high in fat. Substituting meat for tofu is a great way round it. Tofu is a versatile food, which can be used in salads and as part of a main meal. As well as being surprisingly flavoursome, tofu has a naturally-occurring chemical called genistein which helps to reduce appetite. If it works, then you won’t feel the need to gorge yourself on junk food at any time of the day.
  6. Avoid low-fat salad dressings. It may sound weird, but they often contain sugar to compensate for any loss of flavour, while full-fat dressings don’t have so much sugar, which reduces the overall calorie content.
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