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Single Mom Dating: Meet the Boyfriend

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:46pm

I'm probably jinxing something by posting this. Watch, we'll break up tomorrow and I'll feel like an ass. Whatever. You all already know I'm an ass.

Here's me and the boyfriend (I need to come up with a name for him here...the Gym Rat? Studmuffin?) at our senior prom in 1995. No we didn't go together. I don't know why exactly I still have this picture, other than I never throw anything away.

If he knew I was posting this, he'd want me to tell you that he's taller now (growth spurt after high school, who knew that happens) and much bigger. He's got a Johnny Bravo physique. He can pick me up with one hand and throw me around if he wanted to. I like that about him.

That's all you girls are getting for now. That and I'm happy. Like super retardo girlie kinda happy. Who knew I was even capable of that? It's been hard to reconcile the part of me that's all about being single and independent and the new me that is actually enjoying being with someone. He knows I'm emotionally stunted. Thankfully he's patient.

Now that's really all I'm telling you about it. I promise a much less mushy and much more normal cynical bitchy post next time.
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