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Singing Contest vs Copy Cat Contest

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:03pm

Last month when having confinement at my mom’s house, I witnessed how her singing teacher taught them singing.

Well, my mom and her friends are all into singing. They take classes and they also take parts in singing contests. Their singing classes actually take place at my mom’s house every once a week.

I was a silent observer for 4 weeks, and noticed one thing. The teacher isn’t very good in pronounciation. For Chinese, whether or not ‘h’ is used, is very important. For example, ’sao’ vs ’shao’, ’si’ vs ’shi’.

As I use pinyin method to key-in Chinese words with a computer, I more or less can claim that my pinyin (pronounciation) is quite good. And I listened to one of his lesson for a while, couldn’t tahan my kpc character, checked the dictionary and confirmed he was wrong.

He was teaching the student, wrong from right! The song that I listened-in was 庭院深深. The phrase was ”多少的往事”. The student actually sang it right (少=”shao”, 事=”shi”), but he ‘corrected’ her from “shao” to “sao”, and from “shi” to “si”.

He kept using the VCD to show her the ‘right’ way. Ya, I know, the singer in the VCD didn’t pronounce it correctly, but I wonder what’s the purpose of the classes? I know he is a regular judge in many singing contests, and if he thinks the ‘correct’ way should be the VCD way, then I think those singing contests should be called ‘Singer Copy Cat Contests’.

Just my thought. A KPC thought. :P

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