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Simple. Concise. Goal-making.

Posted Jan 20 2010 5:02pm
I'm not sleeping again. Or maybe better phrased would be: I'm not sleeping very well again. It might be work creeping into my brain, or no exercise in my routine, or the fact that I am drinking more caffeine than ever or a 2-year-old who has pneumonia again... Regardless it is doing nothing for me but making me cranky and restless. And that focus I need to get the day job stuff done AND write in the evenings? Oh so non-existent. So, I'm back to making small short term goals. This week-- going to cut down to only 3 coffees a week in the mornings. And drink more water.

But it brings up something I've forgotten this year. Short term goals. I haven't made any yet this year. And thus haven't been writing much except for the book under contract. Sure, writing is writing... but writing my fiction and personal essays are a passion. And one I have lost a bit this year. If the blog entries are any indication, I've completely jumped ship.

So by the end of next month I have 2 small goals: submit 2 pieces of work for publishing.

That's it. Simple. Concise. And pretty "open" in terms of rules. Add that to the less caffeine and more water goal and it sounds like I am making new year resolutions. I better stop while I am ahead.
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