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Simple Bonding Moments With Toddlers

Posted Jul 19 2010 7:31pm

by Riko Kawasaki

How many times have you said that your life revolves around your kids and yet, when they come and ask for attention, you put them off? In this busy world where most of the time, both parents work hard to make ends meet, children are often left alone with nannies or grandparents that, naturally, kids would always try to seek your attention.

Realistically speaking, no one is a Super Mom or a Super Dad that they can spend all their non-office hours with the kids. Understandably, some of you would want a certain level of peace and quiet after a hard day in the office. But, on the other hand, your little one had probably waited the whole day for your return just to be with you. They may scream, laugh, thrown tantrums, show you their new antics just to vie for your attention. In other words, they are asking for some bonding moments with you.

It has always been said that quality time is more important than quantity of time spent with the kids. Thus, allot a few hours each day to really get to know them better and know how they spent their time away from you. And when you spend time with them, ensure you are there both in body and mind. Give them your full attention - physically and emotionally.

Bonding time doesn't have to be an expensive activity for you and your kids. Do things together. If you don't have time to bond at night, then do it first thing in the morning. Have breakfast together and talk about the things that happened to them the day before, and plans that they might have for the day.

Give them unexpected treats. It's those little surprises that really count a lot. You don't have to wait for an occasion to give them something. Make them feel special by buying those small tokens that reminded you about them while you were away. It simply shows that you despite your hectic time at work, you are always thinking of them.

Don't forget to say the three all-important words every day. Constantly assure and re-assure them of your love so they grow confident and loving individuals with a high level of self-esteem. Knowing and feeling they are loved will help them conquer any feelings of insecurities.

Lastly, accompany your "I love yous" with hugs and kisses. Touch is a strong way of showing your love to them. Shower your kids with hugs and kisses and see how they respond back to your actions. More than anything, see how their hugs and kisses heal you of your own anxieties and discomforts - even you will feel gratifying love.

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