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Silly Mistakes Parents Make

Posted Aug 11 2011 9:27pm

Silly mistakes parents make are countless and I am no different from any other parent. If you had made one silly mistake today, yesterday or few days ago and are still feeling bad about yourself or guilty towards your child, maybe reading how silly this parent ~ ME! ~ did today might make you feel better.

It has been a long and exhausting week for me. Finally the dayS of battling with the mysterious sudden attack of fever, vomiting and diarrhea on Binbin is over. Despite this, there were lots of traveling around needed during this past week. I am so looking forward to having ME-TIME this morning. Looking forward to blog about this and that and every other joyful thing.

Yet, one silly mistake I made today is so overwhelming, I do not feel like blogging about happy things.

Every school day, Keatkeat’s usual self would take 30 to 40 mins to get ready before he could leave the doorstep of the house. But today, he was superb! Woke up at 6.25am and all was done at 6.40am! Whoo-hoo! 15mins! *clap clap clap*

We were still going ‘La, La-la, La-la.’ as we strolled to the bustop. “Isn’t it great to be early?! Don’t need to rush. No running. No sweat!” I smiled at my Primary 2 boy.

“Yes.” he gave me the biggest grin.

When we alighted, I checked the time, it was 7.04am. “Hey Keatkeat, its still early, since you are such a fantastic boy this morning, do you want to eat McDonalds Hashbrown as a reward?”

“Ok! I want Hot Milo too.” he replied with skipping steps.

After ordering one Hashbrown, one Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a cup of Hot Milo, I realised something was amiss. It was very ‘empty’ at McDonalds. It is usually packed with school kids from Keatkeat’s school. I looked at the time on my mobile phone again. It was only 7.06am. School starts at 7.25am. Its still early!

But my hunch tells me my time was wrong. So while waiting for the food to be served onto my tray, I turned towards the McDonalds staff for ‘her time‘. “7.15pm, Mdm” she said.


I do not know if its because of my panic or my exhaustion from the week or simply my ‘slow’ character. I could not react fast enough. Instead of asking the lady to change the ‘having-here’ to ‘take-away’, with my quick steps and flustered self, I hurried Keatkeat to chomp down that hot Hashbrown and sipped the hot Milo.

He gave up on the hot Milo without even attempting. Hashbrown was only half done and it was already 7.23am.

I picked up the hot Milo after swallowing the last mouthful of McMuffin and signaled the still-chewing-Keatkeat to eat as we semi-run-walk to his school.

What more can I say?

He was late.

I am such an IDIOT! It was such a rare opportunity for him to go to school without a drop of sweat, without the need to run, without me having to say repeatedly, “Hurry up Keatkeat. Faster! Or you would be late.” Yet, I, the stu**d mother caused him to be late for school.

*slap Slap SLAP*

Allan’s response to this was, “You should stop rewarding him with breakfast at McDonalds since you know he eats at such slow speed in the morning.”

“But we have tried before. Reach McDonalds at 7.05am and leave at 7.20am. When he reach school, its 7.23am.” I argued.


Sorry Keatkeat… such a fantastic boy today should not have such an ending ~~~ being late for school.

Its Mummy’s fault. Sorry…

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