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Signs That Your Kids Are Suffering From Primary Complex

Posted Sep 06 2010 6:25pm
We never suspected Primary Complex. We thought they are just on the thin side or that our genes are the culprit. You see, prior to me being overweight, we were a thin couple. So we thought, the kids just got our body built.

They are not gaining weight and when we went to a pedia near our place, she said, it must be Primary Complex. We had them xrayed. And it was quite painful for my third boy, he was not even a year old then and I can't be with him inside the X ray room since I am already pregnant with Sati.

The result was positive, but then again, we need to make sure, by having a PPD. And as I have said before, indeed it was Primary Complex.

So what are the Signs That Your Kids Are Suffering From Primary Complex?
  1. The number one sign is weight loss or the kid not gaining weight. Yo have tried every weight gaining technique. Tried all the pampagana meds and even tried Heraclene but to no avail.
  2. Coughs that is recurrent is another sign and no amount of Antibiotics can put that cough away.
  3. Some says that fever at night is another sign. Come to think of, there were times that they would experience fever at night and I would dismiss it as pilay.
  4. Some says that irritability and crying for no reason most of the time is another sign.
If you had observed this to your kids, don't hesitate to discuss it with your pedia.

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