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Sick of Sleeping with Your Kid?

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:03am
I've had an on and off sleeping arrangement with my daughter since she was born.

For the first three months of her life, I slept half sitting up, propped up by pillows with her sleeping on my chest. Then she slept in her crib. Somehow she wound up back in my bed. Then her toddler bed. Then my bed. Now, and hopefully from now on, she's back in her toddler bed.

A lot of people have very strong feelings about where babies should sleep. Personally, if I was in a relationship I think it would be more important that my child wasn't messing up my sex life, but since that's not an issue I like the whole family bed concept.

I did, however, have two problems with her sleeping with me. One, she sleeping sideways in the middle of my bed. And two, she needs me to lay down with her. Not such a big deal because I catch up on my podcasts when I do, but it makes me miss all sorts of shows I love.

Anyway, here is the three step method that worked for me:
  1. I got her her own bed and kept it in my room (I'm pretty sure if it was in her room, neither of us would sleep well).
  2. I got her Dora sheets since everything is better if it has Dora on it.
  3. Bribery.

Yes folks, bribery. I gave my daughter a box with ten stickers. Ten Dora stickers. I would come check on her in five minutes. If she was still awake, I get to take back a Dora sticker. If she was sleeping, then she gets to keep them all!

I know, sounds pretty lame, and I only half believed it was going to work. But low and behold, it's been three nights in a row (knock on wood) and she's been falling asleep asap. I've even got her back to taking much needed naps!

On a side note, I realized the other day that my two finger sucking daughter is no longer sucking her fingers. Not when she's tired, not while she's sleeping, never.

My baby's growing up : (

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