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Sick Bay

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:48am

We are sick The kids are sick - again.

I know everyone's kids are sick, but, there is always a but isn't there, but for some reason my kids get sicker than other kids who've been attacked by the very same virus. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic here but I know that most kids don't have oxygen level issues when they get a common cold.

My kids on the other hand have to be watched with a magnifying glass when any unsuspecting cough or sniffle arises for fear we might have to face the very thing we did Wednesday...the doctor with a report that the oxygen levels in Kyan's blood were less than they should be and his lungs were unresponsive to treatment.

To say the least – this is a nasty bug.

Apparently this bug also encourages my children not to eat. They went more than 48 hours without nourishment and not because I didn’t try – they didn’t even bat an eye at the milkshake I offered or even think about anything edible I passed there way. In fact, Kyan wouldn't even get out of bed - we even tried prying him out with TV but we couldn't shake him.

With the help of some powerful steriods and antibiotics the kids seem to be feeling better.
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