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Shunt Before and After

Posted Mar 24 2010 5:00am
So, I mentioned Elisabeth's shunt yesterday because her hair was all slicked down in the picture and I thought that it was so visible.

Well, I guess it wasn't because comments were more like, 'shunt? where's the shunt?' Funny, because the shunt was one of the first things I noticed when I looked at those pictures. It was like greeting an old friend, one I don't see (or notice) much anymore,
'Why hello Mr. Shunt, so nice to see you again...'

Long story short (too late for that I suppose) I pulled out a baby picture of Elisabeth so you could easily see what the shunt looks like as well as it's placement on her head

Same shunt , no revisions .

Now as to who Elisabeth looks like, Alexandra or Lorelai
(another topic in the comments section yesterday):

When I go back and look at baby pictures of the older girls she has Alexandra's face...exactly.

But...she has Lorelai's hair and eye color.

So I guess that makes her a good mix of the two?
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