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Should You Give Your Child A Head Start In Education

Posted Sep 18 2009 10:05pm

There are lot of areas related to raising children that many parents aren't aware of. Language is one of them. Did you know that a child raised in a multi-lingual family will pick up those languages very quickly - at least, the spoken form. You can have a three or four year old speaking in two or three different languages, and that is without any conscious education on the part of the parents.

In fact for parents, and those around them, the difficulty can be in understanding the child as they will mix the languages together at times. By the time they are five or six they will have settled more and will respond to the right person using the correct language.

Maths on the other hand does not come naturally to young children. Maths is an area of the brain that doesn't mature until a little later in life, around the seven to eight year old range. Forcing young children to learn mathematics can be fruitless, and perhaps damaging to self esteem, if pushed to early.

If you think of the primal skills needed to survive, language is a necessity - maths is far less important to basic survival. There are a lot of programs around that operate on the theory that language development is natural for youngster. They are right too. Check this one out, it has a great offer. Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trail of Your Baby Can Read and Recieve $75 Worth of Free Gifts!

As a parent, you have a choice. You can really prepare your child for school by developing those skills early, or you can leave them to their own natural learning curve. I don't believe there is anything wrong with either approach.

If you want to develop their language skills at a faster pace, you can either spend a lot more time with them, using flash cards and the like, or you can use a professional program such as Dr. Robert Titzer's Early Language Development System (Interested - Click Here). Studies have proven that the earlier you can teach a child to read, the better their performance in school and later in life. Early readers have more self-esteem and are more likely to stay and complete school.

Yes, young children, even young toddlers, can learn to read. Give them the chance and they will amaze you. If you are in the US, I suggest you check out the offer - you have nothing to lose, your child has everything to gain.

Your Baby Can Read

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