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Should I be Worried?

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:14pm

Ever since we moved to California in February my husband has been good about going to mass with me every Sunday. We made sure we all went as a family. He's not Catholic so it meant a lot to me that he took the time to attend mass with us. He also helped me with the kids when they misbehaved.

Ever since we started working full time a couple of weeks ago he's been spending his Sunday's on home projects instead of going to church. He has me take the kids with me so they don't distract him when he is working on a project. When I was a kid Sunday was family day. It was the Lord's day and we made it holy by attending mass together in the morning. Going home or getting together with extended family. If we stayed home the day was usually relaxing and my parents did not do household projects or housework. My mother would spend a majority of the afternoon on the telephone with family and friends while us kids played at the park in the summer or stayed in doing relaxing activities like board games, cards, or reading. Sometimes we would play a board game as a family on Sunday. We always had a big family meal on Sunday evenings. Sunday is the Lord's day and we did everything we could to make it holy and spend time with family.

Our church has a daycare for toddlers who are potty trained to attend during 9'o clock mass. Because this is a holiday weekend day care was not provided. My husband is busy working on our fence and gate with his father today so I had to take all three kids to mass with me alone. I think it is important that my kids attend mass but was not expecting the day care to be closed. I did not have my husband there to help me out. Courtney (my oldest daughter, she is eleven) helped me with the kids. We played babysitter the whole time. I wasn't able to pray as much as I usually do at mass.

Also, my husband was reading the Catholic bible on a regular basis. I thought that was great that he was interested in my faith. My faith is important to me. The last time I saw him reading the bible was a few weeks ago. Should I be worried? As of now I am.


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