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Shoe Envy

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm

After reading this post I now have shoe envy ... go see.

I freely and without remorse admit to being a shoe girl. As I once explained to JenX67 shoes are a source of great comfort to me. As my body see-saws between an ever expanding upwards size range, my shoes, ears and wrists seem to maintain a constant size.

Hence I do earrings, bags and shoes the way others might do air, water and daily bowel movements ... see footnote.

So here - to support Rach's beaut new purchase I am sharing my fav black and whites with you .... I've shown you mine ... you show me yours now ... hugs le

footnote - my habits have abated somewhat in 2008 - as MIC was beginning to call me Imelda Le - after Imelda Marcos - a Philippines modern day Marie Antoinette (who says to starving peasants '....."let them eat cake") - with a shoe collection which was housed in multiple rooms - while masses of Philippines people live in abject poverty ...

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