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Shiny, Glossy, Happy People

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm


It is a glossy month this month. A feature about er.... my now not so '*Secret Sex Life' is in this month's issue of Marie Claire (complete with my wrestler upper arms, off to the gym for this young lady). I say this month, but it is actually the October issue. I do wonder (slightly) whether my mother and father will one day think: 'What did I do to deserve this daughter? She continues to embarrass me in one way or another.'

The very foxy Maggie Gyllenhaal graces the cover.

My mother's work colleagues now know far more about me than is decently possible (little wave to you, Rachel, Sue - make my Mum a nice cuppa, sit her down, and pass her a biscuit from me.


Oooo how lovely, a glittering review by a nice lady at Marie Claire that is online


A funny and moving memoir about the adventures of single parenting

A funny and moving memoir inspired by her award-winning blog, Single Mother on the Verge recounts the adventures of Maria Roberts as a young single parent with a GSHO seeking romance – and finding instead a vegan eco-warrior, an open relationship, and a stolen Viagra tablet in a ladies loo. You feel for her and her son, you will her to make the right decisions and you’re with her all the way. Don’t let the pastel cover fool you – the writing is excellent and strikingly honest, not least when Maria bravely
depicts the reality of domestic violence. A unique book with a charming cast of characters. Highly recommended!

Single Mother on the Verge (Penguin, £6.99) is out now.

Review by Lucy Halfhead

*Once upon a time I had an interesting romantic life, now I'm being good it is dull as 'd'uck.
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