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She stuck her tongue out at me and got smacked by her Granny

Posted Dec 17 2012 3:46pm

Sophie and I were in the parking lot and had just gotten out of the van to walk into the post office when I saw a little girl about four years old sitting in the front seat of her Grandmother’s car (I know – too young to be up there and with no car seat even). Grandma was waiting to back out and we were standing right next to their car and right as I made eye contact with the little girl she stuck her tongue out at me. Just like this…..

Sophie didn’t see it thankfully because she would have been so offended but my gut reaction was to crack up laughing because it was such a blast from the past, ya know. I mean really, when is the last time someone stuck their tongue out at you? Maybe ten years or so? It’s not like I’ve been missing it or anything but it just struck me as hilarious. It was probably funny too because it was someone else’s kid. It’s always funny when they do something naughty in public but not even close to funny when your kid does it.

Well, before I could even answer Sophie as to why I was laughing the Grandma (I assume that’s who it was – and quite possible great Grandma) hauls off and pops the little girl in the mouth with the back of her shaky little hand. And even though it wasn’t hard enough to leave a mark it certainly stopped this adult’s laughter In mid eruption and reminded me to mind my manners!

So be on guard for lip smackin’ grannies out there this Christmas season and teach your children to keep their tongues inside their mouths!

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