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‘She Smiled This HugeGrin and Said, "Cheese!" ’

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:43pm

Painted_lael_062508 From the time Lael could crawl, she’s been seeking out pens and markers to draw on herself. As you can see, Lael has graduated to the next level of self-decoration.

Our little girl has been particularly successful at getting a hold of pens and markers while we’re in the throes of moving. But, well, I’m speechless after my wife showed me this latest effort (Except for a sickish pink residue, Lael was cleaned up by the time I came home from work.)

Here’s Anne’ s version of events:

I was packing, and I hear Lael gleefully laughing. “I did it, I did it mommy!”

It was the most evil chortle, different than her usual laugh.

Oh my god.

I got very mad at her or I pretended to. I’m getting the camera to show daddy!

She smiled this huge grin and said, “Cheese!”

Oh my god.

Meanwhile, Seth was just quietly playing.

I was just flabbergasted.

The good news? The markers were the washable kind.

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