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She saw two womans getting married

Posted May 08 2012 9:42am

Our five year old was eating her cereal at the table this morning – it was just the two us while the boys still got ready upstairs (ironic: isn’t it usually the girls always getting ready last?). And she says to me, “Mom, I saw two womans getting married on the TV this morning.” My heart sank as I wasn’t ready to have this discussion with her yet – about what God says verses what much of the world says about marriage. But it was here and she brought it up. I said, “Really?” And then she told me about the two men that were also getting married. I explained to her that the way God designed marriage was for a man and a woman only. The Bible makes it very clear and the Bible is true and our guide to life.  I said a few other things and she said, “Yeah, that’s what Dad said too.” That gave me a sense of relief that she had two separate conversations and they both had the same gist to it. Not that I doubted that would be the case but I think it shows her that we are very much on the same page with this issue. So in one breath I cringed at the thought of discussing homosexuality with my five year old but then again I’m thankful we had a good discussion about Truth. And that it came from us, her parents. Well, I guess it was the news that abruptly threw us into that conversation. What’s weird is that she never hears the news in the morning…..she just happened to catch it this morning. We explained to both the kids that we would be voting for the Marriage Amendment today and why. Mitchell said, “I wish I could vote.”  We’re thinking about taking the kids out of school a little early to go with us. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not. We’re still thinking that one through.

My prayer is that this vote today will reflect the Truth of God’s word and the guidelines He has set up for us so that we can live peacefully and successfully. That’s why God sets up this stuff for us – it’s for His glory and our benefit. He graciously sets boundaries in place for us for our own good. He does it out of love, not angry restriction. His grace tells us the Truth ahead of time so we don’t have to aimlessly wander through this life wondering what will hurt us or help us.

So yeah, we’re totally voting for the Marriage Amendment today.

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