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She cut her hair!

Posted Nov 18 2011 7:28am

I knew it was coming. I just knew it. This previous post confirms my premonitions. Mitchell and I were studying for a Science test in the den while Sophie was coloring and doing her preschool work at the kitchen table. I was quizzing Mitchell over the moon and I heard some snipping but assumed it was Sophie still cutting out her shapes. About five minutes later Sophie came over to me and said, “Do you want to hear my verse I learned today?” She started quoting her new Bible verse and I was so proud of her. She knew it word for word. Well, I gave her a hug and then noticed some hair on her dress. I brushed it off and then noticed a whole lot of hair. I said, “Sophie, how did all that hair get on your dress?” I thought maybe she had cleaned out her brush or something. I’m still not catching on at this point. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know.” And then about 30 seconds later she just broke down. I said, “Sophie, did you cut your hair?” You couldn’t tell at first glance but then I saw the shorter lengths. I saw a wadded up chunk of hair in the back of her head and pulled it out. She saw it and just fell apart. I asked her where she did it and through sobs she said, “At the kitchen trash can.” We walked over there and saw this:

sophie's hair cut 001

“Oh wow, that’s a lot of hair”, fell out of my mouth.  When she saw it she bawled even harder. I think she shocked herself really. When she saw how much was there and realized how permanent this was it hit her and she was so upset with herself. At one point I muttered in shock, “Where did all that hair come from?” because you really can’t tell and that looks like so much hair. And she said, “From my (cry, snort, hiccup….) my head.” I knew I couldn’t laugh because she was so upset with herself but I really wanted to laugh out loud. I asked her why she cut her hair and she said, “Because I wanted it short again.”

I felt really bad for her as the night went on because she was just so frustrated with herself. I had to talk to her about how we all make mistakes, etc. She got in trouble for lying to me but I didn’t have to punish her for the hair. She was sick over it herself. Mitchell tried to make her feel better by saying she was like Rapunzel and by the time she went to bed she was sort of liking that analogy. I did feel the need to talk about not cutting her hair again or anyone else’s hair. 

sophie's hair cut 003 sophie's hair cut 007

I asked Sophie if she minded if I took a picture because one day when she was a lot older she would actually look back on this and think it was funny. She’d want the picture. So I snapped the picture despite the sadness. I’m thinking we go to the hairdresser tomorrow to straighten it out. Sigh. It could be much worse. It could’ve been her bangs since she’s been begging to have them cut off to the top of her head.

I’m curious to know if this is a common thing…….like did you or your children cut their own hair by chance?

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