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Share and Discuss Spirituality with your Children by Watching Spiritual Films

Posted Oct 21 2009 1:41pm

The spiritual cinema circle is a company that provides really great spiritual cinema films and spiritual DVDs. It works very much like Netflix. However, all of the films from spiritual cinema circle are guaranteed to be uplifting, motivational, and inspiring.

In these days of layoffs, the war, and increasing violence, it is really important to watch spiritual DVDs.   Watching spiritual cinema balances the negativity from the violence you see in movies, television series, and even the news.   You can guess, I’d been looking for spiritual DVDs for quite some time.

I have found some uplifting and motivational movies in Blockbuster and on the internet. However, it has been hit and miss. While some movies may be great and are uplifting as they are advertised, others are nothing like what they were advertised for.  

I found the Spiritual Cinema Circle by coincidence. I decided to give it a shot since they offer a monthly membership which can be cancelled at any time.   Once I signed up, I received a free trial. During my free trial, I really enjoyed the spiritual DVDs that I received.

So, I decided to continue my membership with Spiritual Cinema Circle.   I received 4 spiritual movies in one DVD per month. This is similar to Netflix. The difference is that you keep every DVD you receive from Spiritual Circle Cinema and you receive different spiritual DVDs each month.   So far, my experience with Spiritual Cinema Circle has been very good.

The spiritual DVDs have been of very high quality production, have been uplifting and motivational, and even include an introduction and discussion from the producer and actors. Watching these spiritual DVDs is a great way to introduce or keep spirituality in your life and discuss it with your children, friends, and whoever else you watch the movies with.  

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