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Shampoo Freak

Posted Jun 11 2010 12:00am

I am a shampoo freak. There. I said it.

Half of a problem is admitting that you have a problem. Or something like that. Because I don't, you know. Have a problem that is.

I just like shampoo.


I have always had a thing for shampoo and conditioner, the fancier the better - much to the chagrin of my mom when I was younger. Try as she might, she was never able to convince me that cheapo shampoo was just as effective as the more spendy stuff. I remember ordering the freebies from the back of Seventeen magazine - the Australian shampoos, the horse tail stuff, and I think even some type of placenta stuff.


When I became old enough to earn money, I bought whatever my heart desired. I can't help it. I know good and well that I could save money if I wasn't such a shampoo (and conditioner, let's be honest) nut. I dabbled in many different types of shampoo, Aveda being one of my favorites. I also really like Pureology, but both of those have been out of reach of my budget for a long, long while.

My current favorite shampoo is the Karma Komba Shampoo bar from Lush.

I know. A solid shampoo bar? It does the job just about better than anything I've ever used and I LOVE both the way it smells and the way it makes my hair feel.

What's your favorite shampoo? Do you love the spendy stuff, or are you strictly a cheaper brand kind of gal?

OH! And because Kyooty said so - I don't wash my hair daily. More like every three days.

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