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Shame, Shame

Posted Apr 30 2009 11:41pm
See this cute little face? This cute little face is not only the son of a career military man, but also the grandson and great-grandson of career military men. A lot of military connections in his family tree - on both sides of the family. So what's wrong with this picture?

Why, just look at his hair! Way past the point of not touching the top of his ear. Tsk Tsk.

And the back, oh the back is quite overgrown too. Definitely goes past the top of the collar. It's actually a little bit longer but it was kind of curled up and under should see it when it's wet! Not in military regulation at all.

Shame on me, the wife, daughter, and grand-daughter of career military men...letting my son's hair get so raggedly grown out.

If only his daddy could see him now! I thought I'd wait until Joe came back on his mid-tour leave so he could be there for his first haircut, but at the rate his hair is growing that's not going to work!

I guess it's time for a haircut. It won't be a high-n-tight military cut though, just a little trim and shape so he at least looks presentable enough to belong to a military family! :)

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