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Posted Nov 06 2010 9:53am
Life as a mommy of two kids has been really...easy. I expected there to be times when I'd get overwhelmed but I haven't. Marija is an exceptionally easy baby and Franky is easy as well, as long as he's not bored. Maybe I shouldn't jinx myself cuz very soon my toddler and newborn will be 3 and 1. And then 4 and 2. That's when I'll have my hands full, haha! I'm right back into my normal routine and it's wonderful. Marija and I made pumpkin pancakes for daddy and Franky this morning. Well, technically I made them and she slept in the moby wrap, but she was in the kitchen so that counts, right? :) I love babywearing. I WISH I'd had the moby when Franky was a newborn. I would have gotten so much more done!

I'm pleasantly surprised that Franky isn't jealous of his baby sister. He likes to stand and look at her and say "hi mimi." He likes to bring her toys too. And can I just say what a blessing it is that he's a heavy sleeper? He doesn't flinch when Marija wakes up for her nightly feeding. Last night he came into our bed and slept between Ry and I and even Mimi finished off the night on my side of the bed. I love, love, love co-sleeping although I don't really get much sleep when they're this little and in the bed. I'm a worry wart.

As far as me, I'm healing really well. My nipples are still sore from nursing but that will go away soon enough. I think it took three weeks with Franky. I'm feeling achey in my back, hips, ribs and pelvis and I'm guessing that's because everything is moving back where it belongs. And the 'roid is slowly going away too, thank goodness!!! Good riddance! Haha!

My birth experience with Franky made me strong, stronger than I've ever been, but my experience with Marija healed me in so many ways. It has empowered me. I was terrified of getting pregnant after Franky and now I look forward to being pregnant again. I won't worry if it happens right away. Although I'd like a bit more space in between Marija and the next baby. She and Franky are just over two years apart so I'd like closer to three years in between her and the next one. I guess we'll see what God has planned for us. :)

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