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Separation Anxiety

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:42pm

I've mentioned before that my boy is like a super glue. He sticks to me wherever I go. For example....

Separation Anxiety at age 2
He cries whenever I am out of sight and clings to me when I am in sight.

Separation Anxiety at age 4
He shouts out to me when I leave the room. "Mummy, where are you going? Are you going downstairs/upstairs? Will you be back soon? I want to go with you."

During mealtimes or playtime, he pushes the chair he is sitting on so that the chair is as close to mine as possible just so he can sit as near to me as possible.

During bedtime, he will put a hand on my face or drag my hand to put over his body. If I am sleeping on the mattress next to his bed, he will let his hand hang down and request that I hold his hand. Even in the middle of the night, I will suddenly find a small hand looking for mine requesting to be held while sleeping. Either that, or I will suddenly hear a small, sleepy voice saying "Mommy, hold hands."

I wonder when will Separation Anxiety end? lol.

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