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Send me to BlogHer

Posted Jul 15 2010 12:00am
Dear Girls,

I am sure that you were unaware but there was a contest to see who could be a smart ChargeHer at BlogHer and get $2,000 for their trip to BlogHer. I also a sure that there are eleventy million posts out there why 'they' should get the 2K schloarship to BlogHer this year. Eleventy million people that are telling you how great Energizer batteries are and how they can't wait to try them.

I am positve that I decided to make the most awesome dress that represented a battery and wear it everywhere that Engergizer didn't have me wearing their t-shirt that you then decided to make the "crazy" happen.

For instance, Chicken, I am sure that you didn't mean to pick really stupid fights with your cousin while he was here or insist I do your hair multiple times a day so that I couldn't get started on the dress.

And, Giggles I had glorious plans to make myself an Energizer cocktail dress. I was going to start the day that I had to take you to the doctor for your scratchy throat that wasn't strep like I had hoped but mono. You know that they call that the kissing disease right? I am sure that your boyfriend had everything had nothing to do with it.

I am sure that it should count for something that I recharged you all this weekend like I would have recharged that material and like I would recharge those at BlogHer.

But now people may not see me this cocktail dress. It would have been awesome and people would stop in their tracks to wonder what the hell was wrong with me notice the beauty that was the battery.

And I would smile and wave and hand them their USB drive with the hopes that they would win the $500 giftcard to Target.
I would share my personal experience about Energizer batteries with them and how I can charge up the batteries for my flash before a wedding and not have to worry for the rest of the night.

So really, no big deal. But remember if there was a few grand less in your accounts after BlogHer.....its only because I really felt I needed this reward!


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