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Seizure Med Levels

Posted Jan 15 2009 11:47pm 4 Comments
On Friday Violet had to have her bloods done. This was to check her Liver Function, Full Blood Count and Tegretol levels since starting her seizure med Tegretol in November.

Had appointment with her GP this morning to get her results and they are all within range at this stage! So review levels again in 3 months.
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Hi my son has epilepsy and has been on Tegretol for nearly a year, an acupuncturist has given us there idea about the philosophy of epilepsy in eastern terms.  apparently children with seizures have pointy tongues and have was is called internal wind due to hyperactivity of the liver yang.  Anyway, as our son has a pointy tongue when he pokes it out, i was interested, she has suggested we give him a product by black pearl call tian ma gou teng wan which is a chinese herbal medicine 200x175mg concentrated pill with each pill containing Polygonum multiflorum, stem 67.5mg, Loranthus parasiticus, twig leafy 56.2g Leonurus sibiricus, herb 41.2g, uncaria gambir, branch 33.7mg, Poria cocos, fruit body 33.7mg, Scutellaria baicalensis root 26.25mg, Gastrodia elata, rhiz 18.7mg, cassia tora, seed 18.7m, gardenia florida, fruit 18.7mg and Eucommia ulmoides, stem bark 18.7mg.  Now she has mentioned that treatment of a young boy having ten seizures a day taking this medication reduced it too two but i of course would not contemplate removing tegretol from the mix.  She is suggesting adding this to his treatment plan so as he can grow out of it.  Does anyone have anything to say about this and if so does anyone know if this medication can be taken with tegretol.  thanks michelle
Have no idea sorry. My daughters seizures are caused by her brain damage and also the fact areas of her brain have not formed properly.
Hello, My daughter Azari is about to undergo her shunt placement within the next week. just seeing this beautiful little girl is a major inspiration. I am currently educating myself on this topic and it really helps to run across parents that can pass along helpful information and tips. God bless you and your family. Dont worry Little Violet is a warrior. Thanks for Posting her updates too!!!
Thanks for reading Violet's story. I hope your daughter's shunt placement went all okay.  xx
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