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Secrets of a Shopaholic

Posted May 18 2009 12:00am
Tonight, after dinner, I told Daniel we were out of toothpaste and I needed to make a run to the store. Originally I was going to go to but then I thought, "Why drive all that way? We have a Big Lots closer!"

Here is a secret y'all. Big Lots' cosmetics and hygiene stuff is WAY CHEAPER at BL. Their stuff does constantly change, though, if you are really tight with your toothpaste brand. It was like a little Heaven on earth. I found other stuff on my list (hand soap, dish soap, mouthwash, paper plates, etc.) for tons cheaper.

Next door to BL is a Goo.dwill. I have no self control. I'm a thrift store junkie. Thank goodness I'm not a packrat but I do love to find a great find at a thrift store. Tonight I found the baby's dresser for less than $35. And a little wooden child's chair for $2.98!!! Those little suckers sell for over $30 at antique stores. I needed one for Abigail since there was only one in the playroom.

It needs some TLC but I love it. I want to change the knobs on it though.

After that Daniel (who didn't even want to come with us in the first place!) decided that going to down the road was necessity. And I have another wonderful secret.

I just found the BEST lipgloss you'll ever buy. (And no, it's not at BL, but that's okay because it is WORTH the trip to

My lips are always dry and pale and just blah. I have used every lipgloss under the sun (Burt's Bees, Mary Kay, Neutragena- to name a few) but I find that most of them are just a sticky mess that offer no moisture. When we got to the car I immediately ripped into my 2-pack of lipgloss (I got Rose Bliss and Playful $8) and smothered my lips.

The difference was immediate. This stuff is NOT sticky. My lips were shiny, plump, and best of all it FEELS GREAT! It has peppermint in it so your lips feel cool and tingly, too! It actually moisturizes instead of leaving this film of sticky gunk on your lips. My lips are so soft right now, an hour later.

It's my new fave. And I cannot WAIT to try out their new stuff (hint, hint, send me some freebies/coupons, Yes to Carrots!). Here's a LINK to their website. You can find their line of stuff at Seriously my new fave. I want to get their shampoo. And lotions. And lip butter. Mmmmmm...

Psst- did I mention that it's 95% organic and they don't use the nasty chemicals found in other products that actually DRY your lips out more so you keep buying their junk? Yup, these guys rock my socks off.

So what are your "Shopaholic Secrets"?

*I'm going to contact T2C to see if they'd be interested in a giveaway so stay tuned. They may, they may not! But it's worth a shot.

**Did you enjoy hearing some of my secrets? Do you want to hear more? Let me know because I have a ton more tricks up these short sleeves!
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