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School Starts Early in Arizona

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:11pm

Still catching up. Seth has been in school for a few weeks now and Lael started last week. Both are doing well, though I think Seth is overwhelmed by the larger public school.

Unlike private school, where making friends was easy, public school is like a big manufacturing plant where each kid manages their own assembly line. Instead of three teachers for 18 kids, it’s one teacher for 24 kids. Little time seems left for more fun classes such as art and music.

I’m working hard to find Seth playmates so he’ll feel more connected to his classmates. I have at least two play dates lined up so far.

Seth also begins taking Spanish this week. While I worry about overloading the poor kid, I think it’s essential in today’s world to learn more than one language while children are young. Before long, Seth will have to resume his Hebrew classes, too.

Equally important is increasing Seth’s physical activity. In a couple weeks, Seth will be taking a few golf lessons to see if it is a sport he wants to pursue. Two years of overlooking a Chicago golf course made an impression. I couldn’t persuade the kid to take far more affordable tennis lessons instead.

No need to load Lael up yet, since she’s much younger. But my wife and I agree that she might like gymnastics. No big fields to run around in like when I was a kid. Darn, parenting is expensive.

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