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Say Hello to My Little Friend

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm
I have a habit that truly embarasses my kids. I absolutely love wildflowers. We'll be driving down the road and I'll notice wildflowers growing on the roadside. And I absolutley have to stop and pick a handful of them.


And now that I'm a photography nerd too, it adds a whole new level of embarassment for my kids. Not only do I pull the car over to pick the wildflowers. Now, I spend fifteen agonizing and humiliating minutes taking pictures of the wildflowers too.

My children's pain and suffering can be multiplied and taken to a whole new level if there happens to be an insect around. I think bugs are pretty cool. I enjoy capturing images of bugs with my camera.

It makes me feel like Marlin Perkins from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. I loved watching him as a little girl in the 70's. How about you? Come on, I know you watched him too.

Dragonflies and grasshoppers fascinate me. I think the hovering flight of bumblebees is beautiful. And spiders are cool too. But, I never thought much of a wasp. Until today.

Say Hello to my little friend...


My little friend posed for me for a good five minutes. He never flew away. He never acted like he was going to sting me. He even told me that his right side was his good side.

Insect Macro

I think he just wanted to be famous like Miss Dragon Fly.

So, do you think I'm a little off my rocker? Never mind. Don't answer that. Anyway, here is the fruits of my labor. Here is the reason for my weirdness.

Wildflower Bouqet with Pumpkins

Being considered a little off my rocker is a small price to pay for having this beautiful and carefree bouquet of wildflowers in my kitchen.

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