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Safety Alert On Baby Food

Posted Apr 13 2011 8:49am

After we just discussed the sugar content in growing up milk, today, my sister brought my attention to the latest news/alert on store-bought baby food.

It is reported that there has been increasing level of toxic contents in infant/baby food, particularly arsenic (砒). Hey, arsenic, a little bit also can kill a grown up, and it is now getting into our babies’ food!

It is said that the level of these toxic/heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium etc is still within “safe” levels, but the increasing amount has called for revision/revisit of the safety guideline of these food.

These heavy metals are not actually added to the food, but mostly contaminated from soil etc, into the raw ingredients like rice, corn, etc.

The safest food for infants up to 6 months is still mothers breast milk alone. It is said that if you give store-bought food to babies, you expose them to 50 times more arsenic than breast milk. Likewise for cadmium, store-bought food can have up to 150 times cadmium than breast milk.

So, mothers, or mothers to be, I know it is hard to breastfeed especially the beginning, but the benefits to you and to your babies are much worthy. Think of the risks that you put yourselves into, if you do not breastfeed your children. Remember the milk issues few years ago from China? That time, people came to me and thank me for encouraging them to breastfeed, because they didn’t have any worry at all for their children, unlike those fed with formula.

For more information on the arsenic/cadmium/lead contamination in babies/infants food, here are some related links. Note: these recalled/examined items are of well-known brands!

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