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Routine, routine, routine

Posted Jan 31 2011 9:40am

I've noticed that if I keep my kids on their routine, there are very few tears, minimal fussiness and no meltdowns. I don't really do a strict schedule or timeline, but I do try to stick to their "routine." I try to get them up around the same time, then fed, then dressed. Baby girl is ready for a nap around 2 hours later and little man is ready to nap for two hours about six hours after waking up. Then he eats, is up another six hours and is down for bed. Baby girl tends to nap for about an hour every 2-3 hours then she's out for the night for a good 12 hours (although she wakes every few to nurse before knocking out again). Franky's a 12-hour sleeper too.

I've also learned that my kids are highly adaptable, especially after our weekend away. They can sleep anywhere and can feel like "home" anywhere. I know that being at Grandma's house and having their Auntie Kiki there had a lot to do with it, but I was still pretty impressed. Speaking of Auntie Kiki, very soon she's gonna be Godmother Kiki. I've gone back and forth about having them baptised/dedicated because I don't follow any one religion strictly. I believe in God, am spiritual and kinda pick things up from religions as I go along. But I was baptised and have had this pulling in my heart to have them baptised as well. Also, my grandfather is 91 years old and he's been asking about it. He wants to see his great-grandbabies baptised. So we're doing it. At first I was looking at non-denominational churches, but I'm leaning toward my Roman Catholic roots. The thing is, I'm not a member of any church, so the hard part is finding a place that "feels" right that will just do it for us with a donation. We'll see...Also, since this is mostly for my family, we're keeping it low-key and I wanna do it on their side of town. And it's gonna be simple. Probably just the baptism and then lunch at my mom's. I don't think we're inviting many people. I'm a simple person and I'm not a fan of big to-do's. You shoulda seen the anxiety before my wedding, which had around 450 guests. I was a nutcase. I wanted to elope. But I digress.

I'm also debating on whether I will be buying their baptismal outfits or having them made from my wedding dress fabric. Still undecided on that. I'll never wear my dress again and it's doubtful my daughter will, but I hate for all that gorgeous (and expensive!) fabric to go to waste. I guess we'll see about that too...

P.S. It's amazing how much I can get done when I wake up earlier than my kids. So far today I've showered, made (and consumed!) my coffee and oatmeal and am working on Franky's breakfast. Gotta do this more often! Or wake even earlier to sneak in a quick visit to the gym each morning.

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