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Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm

When I was a kid, we went to Busch Gardens somewhat often. There used to be an area that was set up as a Renaissance Faire, complete with festival games and prizes. I always wanted to compete but I was never very successful. Ok, well - I was never successful AT ALL. Never won a flippin' thing. I always ended up with the consolation prize, and one year I remember the prize especially well.

It was a small wooden disc with the letters AROUNTOIT stamped on the front. Almost certainly Made in China. It took me a minute or three - ok, truthfully, lots longer than that, I'll freely admit I wasn't the sharpest crayon as a kid - to figure out exactly what it meant.

I'm wishing I had AROUNDTOIT for a long while now. There's lots of stuff that I need to get AROUNTOIT and I can't seem to get there. Case in point: the trim work in my kitchen and downstairs bathroom has been in MASSIVE NEED of a fresh coat. Seriously. Every time I enter the kitchen, my eyes have been immediately drawn to the disgustingly unattractive baseboards. I have mentioned it at least ten times to my husband, but I knew it's not high on his list of priorities. I had a lot of hope that it would happen before my big birthday party. (Yes, I'm throwing myself a birthday party in November - I think that if you turn 40 on a Saturday, it's pretty much a sign from above that you are due a party, and since it's for me - I know what I like the best - I'll throw myself the best party, yes?) Today, I asked again, and my hubby indicated that he'd do it when he got, you guessed it, AROUNTOIT. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered what, exactly I was waiting for - I mean, he didn't want me to paint, but did that mean I COULDN'T do it? (This is where the fun of living with two type A control freak people - one a neat freak, one less detail oriented - comes in to play. It's always a power struggle.) So as soon as he left, I went to Target and bought a paint brush -

And painted all of the trim in the kitchen and bathroom myself. And I scrubbed the cabinets, which, oh my word, were disgusting. I also steam cleaned the floors with my new handy dandy tool from the New York trip - which I'll be blogging about this week on Scrutiny.

Speaking of Scrutiny, there are SEVERAL new reviews up - yes, all fully disclosed - and there are three giveaways going - one for a bottle of Cheer detergent and not one but TWO $100 Visa Gift Cards. Check it out, why doncha?

I know, as soon as you get AROUNTOIT.

And may I just say that painting trim work and scrubbing walls is beastly hard on the back?

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