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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day...and Neither is a Good Wardrobe

Posted Jul 21 2010 11:57am

Are you a fan of 'What Not to Wear', 'Trinnie and Susannah' or other makeover show on TV? It's amazing how over the course of a week, a few days or even just a matter of hours women emerge with a brand new wardrobe and a brand new look. It's an amazing and dramatic process and I just love seeing the 'reveal' at the end. We the viewer are left feeling like creating a whole new look is a process that is quick and easy and can be done in no time flat.

Well ladies, let me just tell you that in real life building a great wardrobe is a process that takes time. Before you panic, though, I like to think that the time spent building a wardrobe is well worth the effort. I like to encourage my clients to build a wardrobe with the same thought and care as they would a collection of antiques. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a good wardrobe!

Here are my best tips for building a wardrobe that's going to last a lifetime (or at least for a very long while):

1/ Shift your mindset - most of us love instant gratification, but I'd like to ask you to think about what it's costing you when it comes to your clothing. Instead of thinking what you want to wear this weekend, think about how a piece is going to serve you over the entire season and the next few years. It'll give you a whole new perspective.

2/ Shop when you don't have to - often we put off shopping until the last minute, then buy the first thing we find. This can lead to a lot of 'one hit wonders' and a lot of money down the drain. Plan a shopping trip when you don't have to have something and give yourself time to enjoy the process. Then when you have a big occasion you'll already have a great dress, the perfect suit or a a top that you love to wear!

3/ Buy only what you love - don't settle for second best. Instead of buying a lot of inexpensive clothing, but only a few pieces each season that are meant to last. If you buy 4 nice pieces of clothing each season, in a year you'll have 16 pieces that mix and match and create the foundation of a wonderful wardrobe.

4/ Know what to buy - when you go shopping, ensure you only do it with a list in hand and a clear idea of what you want. Not only will you be more focused, you'll be less tempted to purchase impulse items.

5/ View your wardrobe as an investment - women love to buy clothing (I'm no exception) and if we took all the money spent on clothing in a year and put in into a pile we'd be shocked! I'd like you to think about how much you spend on your clothing and how you're allocating it. Are you getting a good return on your investment? Do a cost per wear analysis to determine if an item is worth it's price and ask yourself if it would be better spend elsewhere.

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