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Roller Skating

Posted Apr 14 2010 12:00am
A few months ago I took Kayla roller skating for the first time .

A few weeks ago we went for just the 3rd time. Oh my goodness. The improvement was amazing!

Now she is not full out roller skating going around the rink at a regular pace - but the difference from the first time she was on skates was noticeable.

Obviously the first time she was on skates there were many, many falls. Learning to balance with wheels on her feet and holding on to me for dear life.

This last time we went? She didn't need to hold my hand at all. And she hardly fell. It's not that she was flying around the rink, but she had the balance, coordination, and confidence to not need to hold my hand.

It's slow going, she shuffles her feet along...but she's doing it by herself. And actually, there were a few times were she took long glides on her feet and did get a little skating in.

There is one image in particular that will stay with me from this night though.

They have 'adult skate only' (as a side note: boy did that make me feel old - knowing I was old enough to be out for adult skate only!) and I guess there is a 'tradition' of sorts during this adult skate only.

The kids line up along the wall and hang their arms over the wall, palms open, waiting for the adults to skate by and slap hands with them on their way around the rink.

And there was my daughter. The little girl with a different chromosome make-up. Different; yet alike. She was right in the middle of those kids. Doing what they were doing. Arm out, waiting for the slap of the palm. Biggest smile on her face. Giggling. Loving every minute.

Just like the other kids. Different, but no so different.

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