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Role Mommy Find of the Day

Posted Jan 26 2010 1:24pm

I get a lot of emails in one day. So many that it's tough to wade through the spam to get to the good stuff. And today, I received an email for an item that is so simple yet brilliant that I truly hope the two moms who created it become filthy rich on their smart invention. Ready to hear what it is?

IS YOUR TOOTHBRUSH PROTECTED_opt.jpg THE DISPOSABLE TOOTH BRUSH HOLDER! Now I'm sure you were thinking it was some must-have handbag or diaper contraption but seriously, if you visit hotels and couldn't figure out where to put your toothbrush without it sitting on a counter picking up someone else's germs, then you are in luck. Wendy Neuberger and Stephanie Phillips from New Jersey have invented an inexpensive, sanitary product to keep your toothbrush protected while traveling. The Disposal Tooth Brush Holder is made of laminated recycled card stock and is meant to be thrown away. Unlike your standard plastic toothbrush holder, this product lies flat on the counter top and allows for air drying which prevents your toothbrush from becoming soggy and moldy. At the end of your stay, your toothbrush is as good as new! Want to find out how you can stock up on Disposable Tooth Brush Holders before your next trip? Visit today and here's to a germ free vacation!

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