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ROAD TRIP 2010, GA edition part 1...

Posted Jul 01 2010 8:25pm
I wanted to leave REALLY early so we could arrive in Atlanta BEFORE dinner but Daddy & the tribe had other plans. Heck I guess I had other plans too because after staying up late to pack the final stuff I too slept in! So instead of leaving at 5am we left around 730am. I really thought I planned this trip well. I packed the few days before & made sure we had plenty to eat & drink. I even made sure there were toys inside the 'burb to keep them entertained. Well I am here to tell you that even the best laid plans have flaws!

We slipped away from S Florida for this MUCH NEEDED mini vacation/road trip to see some family in GA. We would be gone for a total of 5 days! Our first stop was just outside of Atlanta to visit my two brothers. All I can say is that the road trip there just plain awful! The tribe did NOT want to sleep & felt it was their mission to scream at the top of their lungs pretty much the entire time. I finally broke down & cried halfway there. My hubby looked at me & said "Why are you crying?" to which I replied "This is not the trip that I had planned!". Needless to say I needed to remind myself SEVERAL times that when you travel with toddlers you need to expect them to act this way! It was BAD! This was NOT what I had envisioned when I planned this trip! We arrived just in time to meet up for dinner. My nephew works at this Italian place called "Luciano's". All 14 of us sat at one LONG table. We spread the tribe out & for the most part things were good. Each one of my relatives took a kid & that was that. I needed a STIFF drink actually I think I had two after that car ride. LOL! Here's a few pic's from that dinner! Thank you Michael for making us some YUMMY food! [=

We went swimming at my brothers pool. They LOVED it along with their new "swimmies" which are called PUDDLE JUMPERS . We purchased them a few weeks ago at BJ's our local wholesale club. They are WONDERFUL! I have to say that I felt so at ease having them swim with those things on!

After swimming we took to my brother Jim's back yard. It really is an adventure back there! They have a nice patio, a nature trail, a tree swing & even a trampoline which the tribe LOVED! I even took a turn at it! Oh to be young again! Ahh...

And that was...

ROAD TRIP 2010, GA edition part 1...

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