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Risk's Of Pregnancy Due to History - What are the risks to Mom and Baby?

Posted by Bluebeautee

I have two children. Currently 5 weeks pregnant with 3rd.

1st Birth 2005 -  13 day's overdue, Polyhydramneous (spelling?), she passed meconium, labour was 34 hrs, 26 hrs of it on oxytocin. Dialated tight 2cm even after Oxytocin. Emergency C-Section Required.

2nd Birth 2007- PPROM and Antepartum Hemmorage (small) at 23 weeks 1 day. No labour. Emergency C-Section at 28 weeks 1 day due to decell's of baby's heart rate. Pulmonary Embolism 3 day's after birth.

Dec 2008 - Umbilical Hernia Repaired with Mesh, Incisional Hernia from previous C-Section repaired with Mesh.

Feb 2009 - Pregnant again. What are my risks?

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