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Richwell Warehouse Sale 2010: First Wave

Posted Dec 01 2010 11:35am
Richwell Warehouse Sale 2010 started last November 12 and I feel sad that it has been two weeks since it opened and I haven't been there yet. So last Sunday, November 28, I said this should be the day. It so happens that my helper went out and came back around 5 PM. The warehouse sale closes at 6 and good thing, travel time is only 10 minutes. I got it 15 minutes to 5. The first thing I look is a toy for Sati. A girly toy. There's a lot of toys there, of course, just toys. You can't find davidoff there, just stuff for the kids like toothbrush, clothes and yeah, toys.

I didn't found anything for Sati yet so I head on to the Mega Blocks section. Oh by the way, it seems like there were some changes on the lay out of the warehouse sale this year. Although, Hot Wheels and the likes maintained their position, Vtech got an aisle (compare to a corner last year), Barbie was moved next to Cars (hot wheels and matchbox). Pigeon change its location though Mega Blocks was retained. I noticed that there are more space now for Chicco, Hot Wheels and Barbie shoes (I did not dare to go near). And as usual, on that side were the rack full of cheap (and mostly dirty looking) items.

I saw this Mega Blocks and I as I have said before, this is their building blocks now, no more Maxi blocks. There were 4 items left and the price of each is 900. I asked the crew how much is the discounted price and he answers less 20%. I got two (but contemplates on getting all 4). Went around and saw this toys

I first got the pink (both are 600 Pesos) and realized Chico would love to have the same toy, so I got the blue one too. And I promised the boys I will get small cars for them. Their Hot Wheels collection were already packed (because we are going to have our house next year.. I'm secreting right there). Got 3 cars for the boys, regular price less 20%.

And then last call. It was 5 minutes left for shoppers. I hurried to the cashier, pay my goodies and surprised to learn that the total amount is less than what I expected. Still thinking about the Mega Blocks and thought of getting back to get another one. A mom asked where I got it. Hubby says he will pick me up so I sat and wait for him. Checked my invoice and surprised to see that the Mega Blocks is only 400 each (not 700, 900 less 20%). Hurried back inside and look for the two remaining, the mom who asked already got the other one, I'm left with just one set. I'll definitely come back for more.. that's what the title is all about.. ahaha

And lookie! the little lady is happy with her new toy.. but she is happier playing with her Kuyas cars... waaah

Wish I had my w350 with me since I went back when almost everyone was out, it would have been nice to capture a panoramic view of the warehouse sale.

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