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Review & Giveaway of "Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Cycling"

Posted Dec 12 2010 6:42pm
Enter to win a free download of this book by commenting below!
Cyclists! Have you ever wondered if riding requires the same nutrition as other sports? Do bicyclists need more fat or less in their diets? Do bike riders need to lift weights? How should cyclists cross train? What about that cup of coffee that seems to help you pedal faster?

I recently got my hands on an incredible book by Dr. Paul Wanlass entitled   “Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Cycling” which answered all those questions for me. While I would not label myself as a full-blown “Cyclist,” I get a lot of questions from the avid daily riders in the personal training, cycling and yoga classes that I have been teaching for 10+ years, and I feel like I could point all my cycling clients to this book!

“Hey Bethany, I don’t think I’m eating right for all the riding I’m doing, because I’m still not losing weight.” Go get Dr. Paul’s book, Sweetie … “Hey Bethany, I’ve been riding my bike to work for 18 years now, but my knees always hurt - only I don’t want to quit riding...” Go read Dr. Paul’s book, Dude, or you can kiss your cartilage goodbye!

If a cyclist is anyone that spends regular time on a bike, then this book is for all cyclists: young, old, recreational, competitive athlete, beginner and seasoned. “Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Cycling” is like a bike rider’s Bible - only shorter. It will give you a quick but thorough education that will allow you to stay in the saddle for years to come.

Of course  my piddly spinning pales in comparison to what some of you hard-core folks out there do on a daily basis to train for triathlons, biathlons or races like Seattle to Portland (I drove the van for that once). But tell me - all ye seasoned cycling athletes - can you fill in these blanks?

“Despite a reduction in training during the off-season, your energy intake should still consist primarily of _________ as this nutrient is an immediate source of fuel for muscle and brain activity.” Pg. 63 … Maybe that was too easy, so how about this one?

“There is little physiological basis for the presence of ________ in an oral rehydration solution for enhancing intestinal water absorption as long as ________ is sufficiently available from the previous meal.” Pg. 18 … Don’t know the answer? Guess you better enter the drawing!

How to Enter
Each of your comments is worth one drawing entry. Comment once for each of the following.
After the first comment, the rest may come in any order or not at all.The more you comment, tweet, follow, etc. the more likely you are to win!!!
1st Comment: Follow this blog via Google and share how long you’ve been cycling and what kind of cyclist you are. Winners will be drawn randomly, so it doesn’t matter what you comment.
Bonus Entry: Comment after following both @paulwanlass and @Fit2b_Us on twitter
Bonus Entry: Comment after “liking” both Fit2B Studio and Books by Dr. Paul Wanlass on Facebook
Bonus Entry: Follow Fit2B Mama and Dr. Paul on Networked Blogs
Unlimited Bonuses: Tweet this up to once per day. Comment once per tweet :: ” CYCLISTS! Comment 2 #win a #free copy of @paulwanlass “Strength Training & Sports Nutrition 4 #Cycling" (live link) “

Winner will be drawn on Monday, December 21st!
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