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restored my faith in humanity...

Posted Jan 16 2011 4:14am
The other night Grandma & I decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner as a treat & to celebrate the tribes upcoming 4th Birthday in one fell swoop. Money is EXTREMELY tight around here but we had a few gift cards & Grandma LOVES to eat there so off we went. We were lucky to get Daddy & Uncle Bob to meet us there. This was NOT our first time going to this particular one in fact the wait staff knew us pretty well. Heck who else around has quadruplets running around?!. They could not get over how much they had grown especially since they would be turning 4 in a few short days! My how time flies!

When we go out anywhere if we have enough BIG people with us we will separate each child with a BIG person, that way they are separated so no one fights. (Usually this works! =]) This time we had just enough to seat two in the middle of the table & the other two at each end. I thought it would be perfect, they'd be spread out but no, they ALL wanted to sit next to their Uncle Bob. In the end only the "good" one's had that priviledge! Let's just say Camryn was NOT one of the chosen ones that night! She was ALL over the place, sitting on the table was the last straw! So she had the good fortune of sitting next to her Daddy & FAR away from me since I was not happy with her behavior. Their Daddy seems to have a way of keeping them in line that this Mommy will never get! Maybe one day! LOL!

As we sat there looking over the menu a few of our previous waiters came by & chatted with us. I would have to say that they see us about every other month. Once they found out we were there to celebrate their birthday they said we needed to get them some dessert. I told them only if they were good. I must have seemed like a MEAN mommy but I just cannot see rewarding BAD behavior even if it is their birthday celebration. I mean we are out at a restaurant & other people are trying to have a good time too! So I feel that they should be on their BEST behavior! You have to be consistent at least that's what I tell myself! LOL! I do have to say that the thought of possibly getting a slice of chocolate cake that night made their behavior get a little better.

Just as we were about to get our dinner a older woman & her husband approached us as they were leaving. She said she had heard that they would be celebrating their birthday soon & she wanted us to buy them each an ice cream or something then handed me four 5 dollar bills. I was so thankful for her generosity. What a nice thing to do for a struggling family of 7! We worry about how we are going to pay for pretty much everything & a total stranger gave us $ to spend on them! How AWESOME is that?! Her husband was funny, he said she doesn't even give me that for my birthday! Whatever compelled her to do that I am greatful! Her gesture totally...

restored my faith in humanity...
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