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Posted Jan 08 2014 8:29am

We’re starting to thaw out from the eternal winter . I think the high will be in the twenties today! I’m sweating just THINKING about it. My big kids went back to school today – on what was supposed to be their third day back. But our local public school district where Jonah will attend preschool cancelled again today. So, I am *hoping* that tomorrow (when the low is supposed to be a balmy 33), he can start preschool. Of course, his preschool is only Monday-Thursday, so he’ll have just ONE day of his first week, and Monday will likely be just like his first day, part deux.

I know I have like, serious mental problems, but this whole delayed start-up has really messed me up. My body clock is off, and my brain is just STUCK – afraid to move forward, perhaps, after so many stops and starts? I’m not sure. All I know is I need to get it cleared, and I feel like nothing will do that except for a real start to our “new normal”.

Our Christmas decorations are still up (Bobby typically takes care of that, and I’m not rocking that boat!), the house is a mess from kids being home for so long, and from a mom who was unable to get out of a cold-snap-induced RUT.

Today I’ve decided will be one last day of just Mommy and Jonah (you know, until Friday, when he never has school – ha! – but he has speech and doctor appointment Friday, so we’ll be busy!) – trying to relax, play, and maybe even going out into the tundra for a special treat. Tomorrow after I drop him off at school (pleaseohpleaseohplease) I’ll be off to volunteer with Shoes 4 the Shoeless for the first time this year!! We’ve got over 400 kids on the list for tomorrow and I think that’s just what I need to snap me back into “go get ‘em” mode. Hopefully after I finish there I’ll go to pick Jonah up and he’ll have had a happy morning – that’s enough to put me on cloud nine all weekend!

Have you ever gotten into a rut like this? I’m not a very organized person, but I sure have found that some semblance of a routine really makes me a lot happier.



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