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Report Cards Day!

Posted Nov 02 2012 4:48am

The children came back reported their results, as they have seen their report cards. Well, they were all returned to the teachers, I haven’t had the chance to see until next week.

Isabel has the 2nd place. I was worried at first that she can’t take loses, but she seems to be okay now. Earlier when I just transferred her to this school, she was so worried that she couldn’t get 1st place that she couldn’t even sleep. LOL! I’m so relieved that she didn’t say anything about her 2nd place. Whew!

As for Ian, he has got 21st position in class, 28th position in school, so he will stay in the first class. In the beginning of this year, he couldn’t cope due to her poor Chinese language, so I got her this tuition teacher whom he was so scared of (very fierce, stern, and loud).

He used to beg me to stop the tuition but lately after so much of improvement I saw him no more complaints!

Initially when he showed some improvements, the teacher voluntarily reduced the frequency from 2x a week to only once a week. And the teacher told him, that if he can get top 30 in school, she will stop coming.

Now, he is the 28th in school, I congratulated him and said that he can stop his tuition already. Guess what?

He told me that he really likes the teacher, and he actually enjoys the session now with the teacher that he doesn’t want to stop!!!

Now it would be a challenge for me to convince the teacher to continue. She is highly demanded and with lots of enquiries. She always cannot find time to accept all, so she would be happy to stop Ian’s. To get her continue would be a challenge! :p

I am so grateful to God, for sending such a good teacher to help Ian. There were some miracles that finally I got this teacher to teach him. Praise the Lord.

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