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Replace the recalled Children's Medications with Natural ZarBee's cough meds! (free bottle)

Posted May 12 2010 12:00am 1 Comment

Did you hear there is a big recall of the top medications that parents all over give their children for relief! I can't believe how this impacts the medications we give our children for fever reducing, coughing and allergies! The medications on recall number over 40, and some are ones that I give my own kids: Tylenol, Motrin and Benedryl. In fact, I just had purchased a bottle of Tylenol (infants) and Motrin (infants) last month. I know that my daughter had a few doses of each of the bottles on recall. That is scary for any parent. She has been dealing with a cough for over a month and she is still not over it.

So I am looking to more natural remedies for my children . I would like to stick with medications and foods for my family that I can easily read the ingredients. I think that is the safest alternative.
I am sure I am not the only parent who wants to find an effective alternative for their children’s coughs during the 2010 season, and I have heard of one company that has what I want.
Honey Naturals , the makers of ZarBee’s, the leading all-natural children's cough syrup that is safe and effective for kids ages 12 months and older, wants to put parents at ease during this chaotic time and make them aware of this all-natural way to calm their children’s throat and respiratory irritations. The company is now offering all consumers affected by the recall the chance to receive a bottle of ZarBee’s Children’s Cough Syrup for free . Parents looking for a safe, natural alternative can receive a free full size bottle of the product and are encouraged to visit for details on how they can participate.

You have an opportunity to redeem your recalled products for a FREE and legitimate safe alternative. I am going to try to get this for my family! Go check it out!

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An even better, all-natural althernative is Maty's.  Maty's Quiet Relief is 100% natural, made with Buckwheat Honey along with 9 other immune supporting ingredients.  It was developed by Maty's mom after her daughter was born with heart defects.  It's in many local supermarkets and drug stores.  Also sold on Amazon. 
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