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Relationship Tips – Discover Ways to Make Your Spouse Happy!

Posted Dec 11 2012 5:24am

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Relationships are a two-way street and need a lot of work to keep them going. Making a spouse happy goes much beyond candle light dinners and exotic vacations. Those options feel good but if you are looking for more meaningful tips, then these rather superficial ones do take a backseat.

In fact, relationship tips pertain much more to the small issues of prosaic daily life than rosy romance exclusively.

Now men and women are slightly different (maybe QUITE different) in what they like and what they don’t. So here are some relevant relationship tips for both sexes:

For the men -

Have you been wondering how to make your wife happier? Well, that thought is a beautiful starting point for this whole exercise. Here goes:

1. Wives are much more likely to be romantic with husbands who are handy around the house. Did she ask you to repair something? Yes? Well, get out that tool box and go to it. Women love men who are prompt in fixing/repairing/getting things to work. So something like fixing a little leaking faucet can earn you a big kiss!

2. This is another favorite with women: Please pick up your clothes. Women love spouses who pick up their clothes and place them NEATLY in the laundry basket.

3. Let your wife pick out your clothes for the occasion or for the day. She will love the look and that is usually the beginning of more interesting things to follow!

4. PLEASE take a shower and gargle with a good mouthwash before making love to her. Wives have this thing for clean-smelling spouses. Don’t get into bed stinking of sump oil.

5. Know when to take a step back. Sometimes your wife might need some time to herself, to take her mind off things and maybe enjoy a game of online bingo . Let her. Doing your own thing separately is also important, and makes the times you do spend together much more enjoyable.

6. Be loving and supportive when your wife needs you. Be tolerant of her mistakes and avoid making sarcastic references to her bloomers. Be nice!

Now a few relationship tips for the ladies

1. This is an old one but one of the most powerful relationship tips. COOK FOR HIM. If you’re not a natural talent in the kitchen, make an exception and surprise him with a well-planned dinner. He will appreciate your efforts.

2. DO NOT NAG – Nagging for men means incessant repetition of the same point over and over.You can bet he will invariably not do whatever it is that you are nagging him about. Especially do not nag him at the time when he gets home!

3. Show your love in little ways. Stroke his leg under the table with yours. Put little love notes in his lunch box. Invite his mum over for a weekend and treat her well. This tip works every time! Avoid criticizing her even if you do not like the way she does certain things.

4. Speak well about him in front of your friends and relatives. Avoid making him the butt of your jokes in public. Treat him with respect and dignity. If you must have it out, do it in private.

Here are some common relationship tips for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN:

- DO NOT REHASH old quarrels. Stick to the current issue and do not let any differences spill over to the next day.

- Make allowance for the fact that both of you ARE DIFFERENT HUMAN BEINGS. A couple cannot behave like Siamese twins in a marriage.

Accept and love each other for who you are and not what you want the other to be.

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