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Posted Feb 07 2013 12:37am
Y'all can ignore this post. This is mostly just me thinking out loud.

With a new family member on the way we have to think about... what are we going to do with our space?! Our house technically has six bedrooms: the first floor laundry, master bedroom, two smaller rooms on the second floor and two rooms on the third story. Obviously the first floor laundry isn't utilized as a bedroom (no babies on the first floor alone!) but as storage and laundry. We keep our deep freeze and cat box and huge shelves for storage in there since we don't have a garage.

Our master bedroom has another little room connected to it. I use it as my jewelry studio. It's dark, it's cramped, there are no outlets so I have an extension cord running through my room to my lamp. It has an overhead light but it's not good lighting thus the table lamp

Then the four other bedrooms are each taken by one of our four kids. So we're about to do some rearranging! I don't have Daniel completely on board with my idea just yet but I have plan.

Elaina and Abigail are on the third story. The third story was finished before we moved in, has a very low ceiling and is like a loft so both rooms are technically one big room (but each side has a closet so according to realtors they count as separate spaces) so they share but have their own space. The room is narrow and right now Zoe is too young to join her sisters up there.

Zoe has the biggest room other than the master bedroom. So............ I want to move Judah into her room. Lord please help me and tell me this is the right decision.

So after figuring that out I realized baby will be in our room, probably for a long time. Why not move my jewelry studio to Judah's room which is the smallest bedroom but has outlets and better lighting for my business?! Sounds like a plan to me! And we can move baby's stuff into my current jewelry studio (dresser, crib if they'll sleep in it) until they're old enough to move in with a sibling. Eventually the three big girls will be in the third story.

I'd love it if Daniel got on board with this. I work really hard at my business and it would be a blessing to have my workspace separate from my sleeping space because I can be up at 2 or 3 in the morning sometimes and that's not fair to my husband or my own ability to go to my room, take a deep breath and relax. I had a moment of mommy guilt but honestly the kids all want to sleep in the same rooms together, at least at this age, and I work to supplement our income so having a better workspace makes sense.

Now the most important question... what to paint the room?! Dark purple is my favorite color but I want the room to be lighter; all the light purples look too lavender for my taste. Zoe's room is already green so I don't want two green rooms right next to each other (call me weird!) and it's currently painted blue. I thought about doing something funky like painting each wall a different color, since it is a studio. I've always wanted to do a room a little funky.
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