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Really? I mean, really really?????

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:27pm

I got this in my Daily Candy email today...All I can say is, really?????? I mean, what the heck?

From what we read (we’re not speaking from experience here, people), herpes is taking over the whole world.

And it’s friggin’ scary. What’s more frightening is that many are so worried about being ousted by society that they keep the bumpy (sorry, couldn’t refrain) news to themselves.

Thank heavens for new site InSpot, which serves not only as a wealth of knowledge about STDs but also makes it possible for you to alert past partners anonymously via e-cards that they could potentially be infected with your cooties. Recipients can then head to the site to find out where they can get screened and treated if necessary.

Sure, it’s a bit cowardly, but it beats not telling at all.

That’d make them sore.

Available online at

*Note: The site takes appropriate action against those who abuse its serious purpose.

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