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Ready or Not. And I am the LATTER.

Posted May 15 2013 7:55am


Spring in Ohio behaved remarkably like winter in Ohio through most of April. I was not a fan. But dropping the temperature every-other-day or sending cold fall-like rain (thereby really messing with Jonah’s “I get to play outside/it’s too cold to play outside” emotions) weren’t the only tricks Mother Nature had up her sleeve. By delaying the seasons, she tricked me into thinking time had also been delayed.

But the calendar marched on while my brain stayed back in March.

Therefore I now find myself with 80-degree temperatures and in a BLIND PANIC because SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER and I’m completely unprepared.

I’m the mom who likes it better when her kids are in school . Judge me all you want. This is how I’m wired. I handle the pressures of life better when there is only one kid in my face from 7:30-3:30 on the weekdays. But the party is almost over! Sophie has only 7 school days left and Joshua has 11. (Why do kindergartners get out a week early? RIP OFF!) School ends May 31st – not even in June! And the last week is the week of Memorial Day and Joshua will only go 4 days that week. RIP OFF again!

Here I am, not ready for summer. Although I have had the whole school year to prepare. I don’t know what pool we’re joining, have planned zero activities, don’t have a schedule set up (I’ve got to get Joshua and Sophie on some sort of a schedule because too much free time = bickering with those two, or asking for food ALL DAY LONG.)

And I am afraid of the jelly-filled mess that my brain becomes when there are three kiddos under my feet all day. I haven’t worked from home through a summer yet, so there’s getting my job done to consider as well.


Hold me, people. Summer’s coming, ready or not!

What are you doing to keep your school-agers busy this summer? I need some ideas so that we can all enjoy each other! (Don’t say “day camp”. I can’t afford it!)

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